Valuation Services

Valuation Services

Valuation is an art or science of estimating the value of particular interest in the property for a specific purpose at a particular moment in time taking into account all the features of the property and all market factors. Valuation is of critical importance to a private investor to make sound investment decisions and to public institutions, particularly in policy implementation. These valuations can be broadly categorized into the statutory and non-statutory valuation. Statutory valuations are those whose basis of valuation is provided by legislation whereas non-statutory valuations stem from natural events whose basis of assessment is governed by the appropriate valuation methods. 

We undertake Valuation for the following purposes:- 

  • Sale/purchase, -Court Purposes (Bonds/Surety), 
  • Mortgage, Insurance, 
  • Rating, 
  • Compulsory Acquisition, 
  • Joint Ventures/Mergers, 
  • Liquidation, 
  • Financial Reporting/Book Purposes, 
  • Auction/Forced Sale or Rent determination. 

We Value the following Range of properties: Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural, Development properties, Vacant Land, Natural Resources, Plant & Machinery, Motor Vehicles, Going Concerns, Goodwill, Special purpose properties, cinemas, schools, theaters, hotels, restaurants, petrol stations, recreational facilities, churches, hospitals, golf courses, mineral lands, wildlife, marine & wildlife, Leasehold Properties, Furniture, Equipment, Computers, Fittings, and Stock.

The Valuation Team at NEXUS PROJECTS LTD is led by a full member of the Institution of Surveyors of Kenya (M.I.S.K) who is also a Licensed and Practicing Valuer.

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